Understanding Gun Control

Gun control and laws are currently a heavily debated topic in America and have many in-and-outs that individuals looking to possess a gun need to understand. Although it is legal to own and possess a firearm in the United States, these gun control laws heavily regulate use among private owners of guns.

Gun control laws can vary by state and region as well. For example in rural areas where hunting is more commonplace, the gun laws may be less restrictive than in an urban area suffering from high crime rates and a higher population.

Before purchasing a gun, it is important to understand some common aspects of the gun control laws. Many states have begun to require a waiting period for those who purchase guns, meaning that there is a time in between the purchase of a gun and the allowed time when the purchaser can take possession of the gun.

Gun permits may also be required to purchase a firearm in some states as well. In addition, the individual purchasing the gun may be required to register the firearm by the state. A common gun control law that must be followed before purchasing a gun in some states is a required gun safety class. A background check may be also required before being allowed to purchase a gun as well.

Some guns are banned all together for purchase by private citizens including unregistered and illegal guns, concealed weapons, and assault weapons. People who are banned from purchasing a gun are convicted felons, minors, and aliens. No matter the person, however, guns are prohibited in nearly all states near or on school property or a school zone.

The punishments for violating these gun control laws can be steep. They include heavy fines, complete loss of gun ownership rights, probation, and even jail time as it is considered a felony to be found guilty of a crime involving a firearm. It is often necessary to contact a criminal defense lawyer if you have been accused of violating gun control laws. To learn more information about gun control laws and penalties, click here….