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Composite Fillings and Confidence

A cracked tooth or cavity can transform what could be a bright smile into a noticeable imperfection. Thankfully, dental technology has become so advanced that there is now a simple solution to these imperfections: composite fillings.

Because of my interest in dental hygiene, I decided to do a little research into composite fillings. During my investigation, the most helpful article I came across was authored by Dental Expressions. The article explained the science, procedure, and advantages and disadvantages of composite fillings.

According to the article, composite fillings are natural-looking fillings that are made up of tooth-colored resin. As composite filling technology further advances, amalgam fillings are being pushed out the door. Amalgam fillings are a type of filling that have been used to fill cavities for over 150 years. The drawback of amalgam is that this type of filling consists of a mixture of metals, and because of this, it is silver in color. In contrast, composite fillings are tooth colored, rather than the noticeable silver color.

In fact, the tooth-colored composite filling can be made to match anyone’s unique tooth color. Moreover, composite fillings are becoming stronger as the technology advances, which means you can get composite fillings virtually anywhere on your teeth. Unfortunately, because composite fillings are made of this unique resin material, they often cost more than amalgam fillings.

As stated, a composite filling is used to fill up holes or cracks in the teeth. Not only does a composite filling enhance the smile, but it also fills up potentially vulnerable areas that could have led to further tooth decay or damage.

At the most basic level, composite fillings are tooth-colored plastic-like substances that fill holes, cracks, and other problems with teeth. Because their color blends in with the tooth, dental composites are a more aesthetically pleasing way to protect your teeth from further damage.

According to one Forbes article, self-confidence is the key to reaching our full potential. “Without it, you can do little. With it, you can do anything!” Confidence is something that can be attained based on our actions and beliefs. Gaining self-confidence is a personal goal that everyone should achieve. A good smile can do a lot to enhance our self-esteem. A bright, white smile can serve as the centerpiece of a powerful, strong body image. Additionally, if you know you have a good smile, you will not be afraid to show it off. To be quite honest, who doesn’t love seeing and having a good smile?

If you are someone with a crack or hole of some sort in the front of your teeth, you should consider dental composites. With these, you will get that charming, bright, confident smile you have been working so hard to obtain. All the brushing in the world cannot fix that crack in the front. Composites are the way to go.

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