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Everyday Foods and Drinks that Damage Teeth

A great smile with white teeth leaves a positive and lasting impression, which is why teeth whitening is very popular dental procedure not only in the United States but around the world. Having white teeth can signify health and a warm personality, but even with regular brushing teeth can still be stained and lose their whiteness. Although we can’t completely avoid these foods, taking them in moderation can help in keeping our pearly whites white.

  1. Dried and certain fruit – because dried fruits have high levels of concentrated sugars and are sticky, they can cling to the teeth and attract bacteria that would cause acid that destroys the tooth enamel. Likewise, fruits that are acidic can also cause enamel erosion and sensitive teeth. Stains from fruits such as blueberries, cherries, cranberries, and many others would taint the teeth enamel; dentists recommend drinking water after eating them to wash out the stains.
  2. Coffee, tea, wine, and soda – dark beverages tend to stain teeth, and soda (including sugar-free ones) contains phosphoric and citric acids that can erode enamel (especially if consumed frequently). Tannins present in wine (both red and white wines) and tea can also cause dry mouth, and because saliva helps neutralize and wash the mouth, it can cause teeth stains.
  3. Crackers – full of refined carbohydrates, crackers have been linked to inflammation. Starch present in crackers break down the simple sugars which bacteria feed off on, producing acid which leads to tooth decay and possible gum disease.
  4. Pickles, vinegar, and ketchup – or any food that are acidic in nature, can open the pores on the teeth enamel and cause teeth staining.

As repeatedly mentioned above acid can erode tooth enamel and lead to staining. It is better to keep consumption of acidic food and drinks at a minimum. This also applies to any food or drinks which oral bacteria feed on and change into acid. In order to help the mouth neutralize the acidic content of these food and drinks, it helps to drink lots of water to increase the saliva flow. Additionally, consume food and drinks that help strengthen the teeth and practice regular dental hygiene.

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