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The Many Benefits of a Good Water Softener

Freshwater! Have you ever imagined how clean or pure freshwater really is? Well, if it is really pure, then why does it sometimes appear cloudy, gives the taste or smell of chlorine, or leaves a black or rust-orange stain in toilets, tubs, sinks, etc.? The United State’s supply of fresh water is actually estimated to be 85% “hard water,” due to its high content of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium-containing substances, like dolomite, chalk and limestone.

Health experts claim that hard water, when drank, does not really endanger one’s health. In fact, even “very hard water,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO), can contribute to one’s total intake of magnesium and calcium. Despite this health benefit to man (as well as it benefits to plants and animals), hard water, nonetheless, gives a number of unfavorable effects, including: the formation of limescale in water heaters and kettles; not enough suds formation when soap is dissolved in water; the development of stains on tiles, sinks, plumbing pipes, and water heaters; the plugging up (and eventually destroys) of pipes, faucets, and water-based appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines; dryness of the skin and hair; and, damage to silverware and clothes.

Reducing the adverse effects of hard water requires the use of water softeners – devices designed to remove, and counter the adverse effects of, magnesium, calcium, and other metals present in hard water. Soft water offers more than just a handful of benefits, a number of which include: restoration of the rich cleaning ability of detergents and soaps, thus cutting soap consumption by as much as 50% plus eliminating the need for chemical based cleaners; allows soap to be rinsed thoroughly from skin and hair, making them fell cleaner, healthier, and smoother; completely rinses out laundry detergents, making fabrics softer, while white fabrics are made even whiter; keeps glassware and silverware spotless and shiny; leaves no stains on tubs, sinks, tiles, etc.; makes water-based appliances work better and last longer; significantly reduces the chance of clogging and damage of plumbing pipes and other fixtures. Make sure, however, that you get a good water softener.

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